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Case Studies

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#39 Converting Waste Lignin into Bio-Based Products
Cat Pumps (U.K.) were contacted by Nova Biochem who are developing sustainable alternatives to traditional petrochemicals using waste streams from pulping and agriculture. They are set to turn pulping industry waste, called lignin, into bio-based chemicals. Their aim is to reduce CO2 emissions from burning lignin and reduce emissions from current manufacturing practices. Read More.
#38 ATEX Application for Water Re-Injection

Cat Pumps (U.K.) Limited were contacted by an onshore wellsite based in the South of England, looking for a complete pump and motor unit that was able to deliver the pressure and flowrate required for their water injection "downhole re-injection" system. Following an online search, the discovered via the Cat Pumps (U.K.) website that Cat Pumps offer ATEX Pumps & Pumps Motor Units that were suitable for their application. Read More.

#37 HTU for Cyclic Pressure Testing Application

The Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at The University of Sheffield were looking for a complete pump, motor and reservoir unit that was able to deliver the pressure and flowrate required for their cyclic pressure testing experiment, after a short search online, they discovered through the Cat Pumps (U.K.) website that the Cat Pumps Hydrostatic Test Unit (HTU) was the only suitable solution for their cyclic pressure testing application...Read More.

#36 Continuing to Keep Drill Ships Clean with Wash-Saver

In 2016, Cat Pumps (U.K.) Limited supplied a Wash-Saver unit to a major operator from the Oil and Gas sector for washing down equipment on one of their drilling ships. This global company operates drill ships for ultra-deep water and mid water drilling rigs. Fast-forward a few years to late 2021, Cat Pumps were approached by the same customer to supply them with a second unit after being so impressed with the design, quality, performance and reliability...Read More.

#35 Pressure Regulators Prove the Right Choice for Chemical Industry Applications

Cat Pumps (U.K.) Limited are well known in the chemical industry for hight pressure triplex plunger pumps but are also becoming known as the product of choice for our range of high-pressure regulators. One of our chemical industry OEM's approached Cat Pumps to supply high pressure regulators in both steel nickel plated (STNP) and 316 stainless steel (316 SS).  Read More.

#34 British Antarctic Survey (BAS) – High-Pressure Pump Overhaul

Back in 2012 Cat Pumps (UK) were proud to be selected by the British Antarctic Survey based in Cambridge to supply high-pressure pumps for an ambitious scientific mission, in which water and sediment samples were to be collected from Lake Ellsworth, some 3km beneath Antarctica. Cat Pumps positive displacement pumps were used to feed high pressure hot water as part of an innovative borehole drilling system, operating under arduous conditions. Fast forward to 2020 and British Antarctic Survey have recently returned to Cat Pumps to request...Read More.

#33 Water Injection for Gas Gathering

To efficiently gather the gas and/or oil in a well, following primary and secondary activities it is necessary to employ enhanced recovery techniques. The preferred method is to inject water at pressures to stimulate flow. IGas Energy plc has selected Cat Pumps UK Ltd. to provide engineered pump/motor skid packages due to their high reliability and robust qualities. The skid packages are ATEX rated and in some instances suitable for Sour Service (H2S). Read More.


# 32 Water Misting for Emission Control

To efficiently control polluting emissions from incinerator stacks or chimneys and comply with regulations such as The Clean Air act 1993 it is necessary to remove particulates such as ash, dust or grit from the incinerator emissions. A preferred method is to inject water at high pressure to produce fine water mist that is sprayed.....Read more.

# 31 Pallet Washing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Effective cleaning of pallets used to transfer material is a regulatory requirement of the FDA for the pharmaceutical (drugs) industry and is covered by GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) regulation part 133.4. Plastic pallets are used extensively in the pharmaceutical supply chain from transport of raw materials and packaging components in the production process through to the delivery of finished packaged products to distribution centres. Read more.

# 30 Removal of Pallet Labels using High Pressure Water

The removal of labels from re-usable containers used in the food and other industries can be a time consuming and difficult process. A customer that specialises in the supply of cleaned, re-usable containers, such as totes, crates and pallets, contacted Cat Pumps to tackle a difficult problem they had with the removal of latex labels from plastic crates used for meat and fish products. Read more.

# 29 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Shower Components

Hydrostatic (Hydro) Pressure Testing is a process whereby pressure retaining components, such as valves, piping systems, gas cylinders, boilers and pressure washers are tested for strength and leaks. Typically a hydrostatic test rig is used to test components and assess the capability and performance of components for industrial use. The term test rig is sometimes also referred to as test bay, test bench, pressure test facility and testing station, but they all refer to...Read more

# 28 IBC Cleaning

An intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is a reusable industrial container used for the transport and storage of oil, chemicals, food/beverages, solvents, pharmaceuticals and other liquids. IBC's are made of polypropylene, encased within a mental cage and fixed to a wooden or metal pallet suitable for transportation by forklift, the most popular size is 1000L capacity. IBC's currently account for approx. 15% of the global packaging market; due to the high operational performance and cost efficiency the annual growth rate is around...Read More

# 27 Wash-Saver Keeping A Drill Ship Clean

Cat Pumps (UK) Limited has spent the last 2 years developing their Wash-Saver product for the food and beverage market so were pleasantly surprised to receive an enquiry from one of our existing customers in the Oil and Gas sector.
The company operates globally from its head office in Aberdeen, Scotland, and operates four drill ships for ultra-deep water and three mid water drilling rigs. One of the drill ships had been using a Nilfisk Alto unit to provide high pressure water to.. Read More

# 26 HTU for the Health & Safety Laboratory

The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) is one of the world's leading providers of health and safety solutions to industry, government and professional bodies.
The main focus of HSL’s work is on understanding and reducing health and safety risks. The HSL offer health and safety research, expert advice and consultancy, specialist training and products.
When the HSL wanted a hydrostatic pressure testing unit they came to Cat Pumps for the solution, Alan McDonald of the HSL explains.. Read more

#25 Hatcher Humidity Control

The food production and processing chain provides numerous opportunities for Cat Pumps to demonstrate the benefits that triplex positive displacement plunger pumps provide in terms of high pressures at low flows, mist creation, variable speeds, variable flows and reliability. In the poultry production business our pumps have a role to play even before the chicks have hatched.
The commercial hatching of chicks is a huge international industry that involves incubation equipment, ventilation heat recovery and energy management systems. Read more

#24 Coal-Bed Methane Extraction

Britain’s almost-forgotten coal seams are getting a wake-up call as engineers develop methods to realise the potential of coal-bed methane (CBM), the naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas that is trapped in the carbon structure of coal. At Doe Green near Warrington on the north bank of the River Mersey, Nexen Exploration UK Limited is now running a pilot production CBM extraction plant which is providing sufficient high quality gas to generate 0.5 megawatts of electricity (Fig. 1). Such is the quality of the gas and the potential resources available, further commercial exploitation is a distinct possibility. Read more

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