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Our Pumps

Industrial Duty High Pressure Triplex Pumps

At Cat Pumps we manufacture a comprehensive range of high pressure positive displacement reciprocating pumps. It is a range that provides the highest levels of quality and reliability and one worthy of its unrivalled reputation. Where high pumping efficiency is required, particularly in arduous applications, triplex plunger and piston pumps have to be the first choice every time.

Capable of operating at flows of up to 285 litres/min and up to 690 bar discharge pressure, Cat Pumps are designed specifically for those challenging higher pressure applications that are normally outside the range of most rotary pumps.

Containing three synchronised pistons or plungers the Cat Pump produces a low pulsation flow that is sufficiently smooth for the majority of applications and duties. The flow is highly stable and predictable because the flow rate is determined by the running speed of the pump and is virtually unaffected by back pressure, liquid viscosity or specific gravity.

With the Cat Pump a constant volumetric flow is always delivered because on the inlet stroke of the plunger or piston it takes in a fixed volume of liquid and physically moves it through and out of the pump with almost negligible losses or inefficiencies. Because the pump output is dependent on volume only, the density of the liquid is immaterial.

Selecting and installing the most appropriate model of Cat Pump for an application is straightforward. All we need to know is the nature of the liquid, the ambient and process temperatures, duty cycle, location, safe or hazardous area classification and the type of drive required, i.e. electric motor. It could not be more simple!

Key Features:

Consistent output – flow rate is unaffected by discharge pressure, liquid viscosity or specific gravity.

Flow proportional to speed – the pump output is directly and linearly proportional to the operating speed, making it easy to predict and control performance. Variable frequency drive (VFD) ‘inverter’ speed controls can be used.

No rubbing surfaces – there is no relative movement between any hard contact surfaces within the pump head, so almost any liquid can be pumped. The Cat Pump does not rely on the lubricating properties of the liquid.

Continuous duty performance – all models are designed to work continuously at the rated duty, so will perform longer than intermittent-rated pumps.

High efficiency - overall energy efficiency levels of between 85% and 95% and reduced life-cycle operating costs result from low friction and minimal internal slippage.

Low maintenance – robust seal materials with a long life expectancy and no requirement for packing adjustment, together with exceptionally long component life minimises down-time and maintenance costs.

Solid ceramic plungers – smooth hard plungers manufactured from alumina ceramics are located concentrically to ensure true seal alignment, guaranteeing that when genuine replacement seals are required, they should last as long as the original seals.

No internal liquid mixing - generous space between the pump head and the oil-bath crankcase eliminate internal mixing of lubricant and the process liquid. An open drainage area below the pump ensures that any liquid leakage is obvious.

Durable drive-ends – crankshafts, crossheads and connecting rods are manufactured to a high specification with close consistent tolerances.

Easy servicing – pumps can be serviced either in situ or on the bench using non-specialist tools. Genuine warranted spare parts are available from stock.

Our reciprocating plunger pumps are available with forged brass, nickel aluminium bronze, 316 and Duplex grade stainless steel heads, and wear-resistant concentric solid ceramic plungers with high pressure seals exclusive to Cat Pumps.

For more information on the technical aspects of our pumps, visit the Technical page, or to download our in depth datasheets please visit the Downloads page.


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